Shagun Ajmani wants to play negative shades only?

August 29, 2017

Shagun Ajmani, previously Garima Ajmani, had been working miracles as Shabnam in Jamai Raja. Therefore it was a jolt when crowds learned that she stopped the series.

You might find this odd but Shagun explains precisely why she chose to stop. The main reason for the dismissal was that she discovered her personality has been turning favorable, which she wasn't enthusiastic about playing.

"The series was taking a jump, so I wasn't aware where could be my character moving. My principal purpose of leaving the series was my personality was switching from negative to positive. We have four favorable characters in the series, audience doesn't need to have an overdose."
Shagun believes that a negative personality also remains for extended in viewer's heart. She adds,

"I've worked together with Urvashi Dholakia from the series Geeta where she performed with my mom. I've noticed her quite closely she's quite great in that series also. Folks still recall her for that."

Discussing her fondness for its gray roles Shagun Ajmani states, " I like to perform negative characters since there's so much to learn from it and also a great deal of scope for functionality. I really don't like to shout, I make people shout" She believes that the function transcended Priyanka's livelihood!

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